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Developer Information

ShareWatch is a registered project on SourceForge. ShareWatch's SourceForge site is at

There's currently several developers. We can be contacted at

There's plenty of room for expansion of this project. If you're a keen python fan (like myself!) with an interest in the stock market (like myself!) and you think you'd like to make a contribution, then drop me an email. Or if you'd like to help out in any other way, you're most welcome to as well.

If there's enough developer interest in ShareWatch, then I might get around to setting up the CVS repository for ShareWatch on SourceForge. In the meantime, you can email me code changes.

Already since its release, ShareWatch has been improved in the following areas:

  • Works for NASDAQ and AMEX stocks

Other possible improvements include:

  • Client enhancements such as real-time portfolio valuation
  • New clients can also be written (eg. to send SMS alert messages).