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ShareWatch is a tool that keeps you up to date with your shares and derivatives. It consists of server and client parts:

  • ShareWatch server - constantly polls your share price provider, and provides a soap interface for ShareWatch clients.
  • The ShareWatch client - is a lightweight ticker and HTML window which polls the ShareWatch server for prices.

Current status

ShareWatch is currently

  • Currently works for the NASDAQ, AMEX and Australian markets:
    • is used to obtain stocks from the NASDAQ and AMEX markets;
    • is used to obtain quotes from the ASX.
    Anyone out there wants to add a module to fetch data for other markets is most welcome to do so. :)
  • The client application currently only presents the share prices. It will be enhanced to include real-time portfolio valuation to aid in trading decisions.
  • Other client applications will be developed. For example, an alert service will be written and integrated into the Python Messaging Service, another project of mine.